Scorpio february 15 weekly horoscope

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One little spark is all it will take to spur you into action. A caveat!

Scorpio Horoscope tomorrow November 13

You may have to officially declare your partnership status one way or another on Tuesday, when the year's only full moon in practical Taurus jolts your seventh house of negotiations, contracts and romantic liaisons. For solid twosomes, it's a no-brainer, but this deepening moon may shed light on your next step together. Buying your own home? Selling it and getting an Airstream?

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Formalizing a business deal with the help of a lawyer? If you've been hanging on to your solo status, you might get a cosmic shove off the fence. The pressure may force you to say yay or nay. Commitment is something your intense sign takes seriously, and when you play, you play for keeps—which is why breaking up or backing out is so excruciating for you.

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